Happy New Year

As we look back on 2021 with all of its pandemic-related challenges, from mental health to finances, we can be nothing but enormously proud and grateful to our all volunteer staff: This year we’ve begun a new virtual speed friending program to help combat loneliness and isolation. We adopted families for the holidays, providing food and gifts. We also just welcomed 70 individuals at our annual Chosen Family holiday party. Giving a loving and welcoming space to those who would go out without a positive environment this holiday season. We’ve also underwritten and supported various events throughout the year.
We couldn’t have done all of this without your continuing support as we receive no government or corporate support. So as you tidy up for the New Year’s celebration, please consider donating the spare change you find in the couch or in the pockets of clothes you are putting away. Every little helps. And your donation to us is tax-deductible. (Our tax ID is 81-3066621.)
Our fundraising has taken a dip this year. The pandemic has taken a toll on families across the country. People have lost loved ones, been let go from their jobs, and seen their hours cut. Thousands of small businesses were forced to close.
Luckily, we’ve stewarded our resources responsibly, and we’ve been able to weather this year’s downturn in fundraising. 

In order to fully fund our work in 2022 and run the most effective, innovative programs we’re known for, we are going to need your help.

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