Non-binary student booed and jeered by parents at CUSD meeting


During their two minutes at the lectern, Rami (who identifies as non-binary and says he’s immunocompromised) forcefully delivered a message many in the room didn’t want to hear: Their protests over school mask mandates and vaccines — all based on slanted mistruths about COVID — reek of ignorance and privilege. “We sit here arguing about a piece of fabric that weighs 12 grams while millions of families lose their loved ones,” they said. “Set aside your pretentious arrogance and think of those you hold dear. Think about how you would feel if they were suddenly taken from you without warning, without mercy.”

Public comment continued like nothing happened — and if Bee reporter Ashleigh Panoo hadn’t found Rami sitting alone in the hallway a few minutes later, none of this would have come out.

By saying and doing nothing while a crowd booed and jeered, Fogg and his fellow trustees failed in their responsibility. Which, in that respect, makes them no better than the bullies themselves.

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