Fear Street Part One 1994

Review: Fear Street 1994: Part One

Fear Street Part One 1994Fear Street: 1995 is the first installment to a three-part trilogy. It includes some popular names such as Maya Hawk of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things, Kiana Madeira of Netflix’s Trinkets, as well as Benjamin Flores Jr. from the Nickelodeon show The Haunted Hathaways. Right off the bat, the Film began with an eerie vibe as teen Heather Watkins (portrayed by Maya Hawk) closes up shop at the mall she works at. After this scene it is a little while before we see anymore action as one of our main characters, Deena Johnson (Kiana Madeira) struggles with giving a box back to her ex-girlfriend, Sam since the two of them are broken up.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t come for the sapphic main characters, but I did in fact stay for the creepy factor the movie gave off incredibly well. In my opinion, it was a great mix of scary and romance, there is even a steamy scene hidden in the movie—but don’t worry, no spoilers here! The movie did have a bit of gore in it so beware of those that aren’t comfortable with that sort of thing. There is one thing the writers did really well on was making us believe everything was okay in the end and then switching it on us at the last minute. It made me sad for them because I thought the beloved, and fearless main characters had made it out safely but that was definitely not the case. I am excited to see the next part of the trilogy that comes out July 9, 2021. So, to wrap the review up, if you love horror movies that include lesbians, century old witches and curses, with a hint of gore and romance here and there then I think this film would be the perfect one to watch—not to mention the actors themselves giving us a wonderful performance.
Give it a watch! You won’t regret it.

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