Going “Over the Edge” for the Source on November 9

oteJumping off a 9-story building in a single bound???  Well, not exactly . . .  but something like that!  For the second year in a row now, the Source LGBTQ+ Center in Visalia is hosting “Over the Edge,” a volunteer-focused fundraiser for the support of LGBT programs and resources in Tulare/Kings Counties.  Volunteers raise funds from contributors and if they can get at least $1000, they rappel off the top of the Marriott Hotel in Visalia (the city’s tallest building) on November 9.  This year, I’ve decided to take the plunge, and along with my friend and fellow straight ally Velva Hampson, am going “over the edge” in support of the Source and all the great work it does for the LGBT community in Visalia and surrounding area.  
Included is a link to our biographies and profile link, as well as a way to make a donation.  Our team name is “Mainstage Allies,” chosen largely in part due to our love for and involvement in local community theater and the arts and of course our support of the LGBT community as straight allies.  Please consider making a contribution.  If you’re interested in registering yourself and going “over the edge” or would like to donate to other individuals, there’s a place on the website for that as well.
Thanks, and hope to see you at the Marriott in Visalia on November 9th!

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