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So…..What EXACTLY IS Truth…No….Seriously…?

truth 2069843 1280It would seem these days, children, that some have forgotten what that particular five letter word means. I know, you’re saying to yourself, “I think we know what that word means, Jim.” But the scary thing is, most people I talk to, have no idea about truth, much less facts.

I know that we live in a world where certain right wing propaganda machines pour out daily diatribe about what particular person has been slighted by A.O.C. and how she doesn’t care about anything. But here’s the T kids, if you are taking what these glorified “reporters” are telling you as THE word, we have a problem you and I.
Let me explain. Too many news outlets these days are not giving us the FULL story as it relates to ANYTHING! They tell you about the Mueller report, then when that man who is supposed to be the Attorney General, looking out for ALL Americans, gives what should be the CORRECT summation, we see that he is nothing more than the personal mouthpiece of number 45. Yes, my politics are showing.

We were told by the Attorney General that there was NO collusion, I would agree on that point. But he, Mueller, CONTINUES and states that on several occasions, Mr. number 45 WAS HOWEVER, by definition of law, guilty of OBSTRUCTION of Justice…..let that sink in a moment. What the Attorney General stated was that Mr. Mueller’s report EXONERATED 45. THAT children is a BOLD FACE LIE! It did exonerate him of collusion; it DID NOT exonerate him regarding obstruction of justice. Let that sink in for a moment. There is another truth here that the Attorney General does NOT want us focusing on, these other obstruction charges that 45 has been accused of that have been passed on to “other agencies or bodies”. Again….let that sink in…

So, what have we learned so far? We know that what was allowed to be released of the Mueller report has been WRONGLY summarized by the Attorney General. The Attorney General was testifying before a senate committee on May 1st, because of a letter that Mr. Mueller sent to the Attorney General telling him that he was not pleased with his misleading the American people. Wasn’t it this same Attorney General that told the legislative body that he knew NOTHING of Mr. Mueller’s concerns? That he knew nothing of misleading the American people? OF COURSE it was him! He then is sat last week, trying desperately to cover his parts because he could be found in contempt. Lying to the senate or congress by the way, a FELONY!


So I ask you again, where is the truth? Here comes the advice kiddos! This is where we need to do our due diligence. This is where WE need to know who is lying and who is telling the truth. HOW, you may ask? I have the answer. Do your OWN RESEARCH! I know…..Jim, who the hell has time for that crap?! This is where I get preachy! Get ready!

It’s ALL of our responsibility to make sure that we KNOW who is telling us truth, and who is telling us lies. But it goes beyond that kid! It is so important for us as a community to know who, what, when, where, and WHY! It is our responsibility to take care of our own, not divide us over issues such as race, color, sexual orientation, and I cannot believe that I have to write this stuff but in todays’ world, it is a necessity!!

So, what is the take away from this article? There is an open internet that is full of information. And credible, reliable sources that do not take sides, or if they do, they give you the well-rounded sides of the story as a whole, with no agenda other than the truth. You can find sites that will tell you the truth about Republicans AND Democrats. We all must remember, as long as ANY politician is beholden to a group of people OTHER THAN their constituents, they are beholden to THAT group of people or corporation or military industrial complex donors. That’s right, donors buy our politicians! If this is news to you, or you say that that is how it works, you are sadly part of the problem as it exists RIGHT NOW.

So what can be gleaned from this article you may ask? Attention. Attention to detail and not believing what Fox News or CNN tells you. Research these issues, with credible sources. Remember, there are alleged news agencies that are not inclined to report truth and offer nothing more than propagandized stories with no substance or truth. I personally feel that Fox News is nothing more than the mouthpiece of this administration. They question nothing, but report nothing but lies. These people call themselves “journalists”, but they are definitely NOT journalists. Most journalists have morals, integrity. They seek truth to report. They do not go around making up stories and taking statements out of context or just make stuff up! That is the M.O. of Fox News. The Cnn’s and the MSNBC’s just kowtow to the right and choose not to report at all. I suggest you look to the internet, look for unbiased news reporting, it is out there guys!

The next thing to do is research and then do more research. This election cycle coming up is most important to groups like ours, immigrants, women; we need to make sure that no one else in this country is ever marginalized again.

There are good people, but I will not pull a 45 and say that there are good people on both sides. I don’t make it a habit of giving compliments to racist, white nationalists. But make no mistake, if we don’t pull it together with truth this election, my husband and I might just be looking for a new country. I won’t live in a country where there are right wing zealots who push lies as truth, and truth as lies.

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