Is It Something I said?

Let me start by saying that this should be fun, but informative.  My idea is to get our community united, in one mind set, and that mindset is to UTILIZE that grey matter that we all are notorious for NOT using.  Relying instead on the easy, social media related BS to cloud our own thoughts.  So, BIG idea from a small man. 

Let’s just get this out of the way; I am a married Gen X’er who chose to marry a Millennial.  Most of my Gen X family might find that a little crazy.  I however, found this to be most enlightening.  I have learned some things about these crazy little millennials; they DO NOT believe what the mainstream media tells them about politics, they rely on other ways of finding answers.  They search for the truth, they do not believe everything they see or hear.  They DO NOT trust our generation or our mothers and fathers generation, the Baby Boomers. 

Now, to be fair, they are still a little whiney, still a little in need of constant recognition, at least that’s what I tell my husband anyway!  In all seriousness, they actually are more progressive, more “human” than some of the rest.  I admire their ability to process through the bull and come out with the truth.  It’s a quality my generation is all of the sudden lacking.  No more imagination, no more truth. 

So you ask yourself, “O.k. Jim, what’s the point?”  Well I am getting to that; I am a Gen X’er who believes in long winded point making!  The point is I hope to show you through this next election cycle some humor, some candidates, some policy, and a LOT of TRUTH. 

Let’s get through this and get our country back!

Editor’s note: Welcome Jim! (pictured right) Can’t wait to read your upcoming pieces.

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