white supremacist Salvation Army 500x306

White supremacists are ringing bells for the Salvation Army

white supremacist Salvation Army 500x306

The Salvation Army has another scandal on its hands. Northern Indiana residents reacted with outrage after white supremacists were photographed ringing the evangelical church charity’s iconic red kettles outside of a local Walmart.

The Hell’s Angels Northwest Indiana Region Motorcycle Club manned the kettles over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and a social media post about it went viral on Facebook before being taken down.

The religious charity has come under fire in the United States over the past decade for their atrocious record on LGBT rights. To attempt to stem the ongoing outrage over the group’s previous stances on LGBT issues, they started a public relations campaign to deny that they are anti-LGBT while never acknowledging their history.

Instead of a donation, why not print one of these and place it in the kettle this year?

salvation lgbt dollar

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