Ad depicts Jim Costa in red heeled shoes

LGBT Fresno decries the transphobic ad by Elizabeth Heng’s campaign against Jim Costa. The ad depicts Costa in offensive, emasculating, using gender stereotypes. We call on their campaign to pull this ad. Let their campaign know your thoughts: Elizabeth Heng

From Zoyer Zyndel, President of Trans-e-Motion: I think it’s offensive because it is equating his change of views to being too feminine and weak. They are also insulting Nancy Pelosi because they are saying Costa is “walking in her shoes” like it is a bad thing to wear heels or be feminine. It’s pretty much emasculating but can be interpreted as transphobic; anything that insults gender bending or insinuating there is something wrong with blurring the gender lines (even as a metaphor in politics) can be construed as transphobic and very offensive. It’s one thing to comment on his merit and integrity as a leader but it is truly in poor taste to bring gender expression into the situation and using the heels to demean another politician, as if being feminine is a bad thing or equaling a lack of ethics in leadership.

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