hate crimes

Hate crimes happen nearly twice a month in Valley

hate crimesCasey Haggard, a 66-year-old transgender woman, was walking along Blackstone Avenue in central Fresno in July 2015 when she was fatally stabbed by a passenger in an SUV that pulled up alongside her.

Amrik Singh Bal, a 68-year-old Sikh, was walking in a neighborhood in west-central Fresno in December 2015 when he was attacked by a pair of men who beat him and then ran over him in a car. He survived his attack.

Sexual orientation or sexual identity was a major motivating factor for hate crimes in the Valley, according to the state data. Thirty-two gay men were targets across the region, and another 16 victims were lesbian women. Other victims included three people who identified as bisexual, while eight victims were transgender individuals. Another 22 victims were targeted by bias against the broader LGBT community.

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