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Trans-E-Motion statement regarding Fresno Women’s March

Trans-E-Motion supports the national Women’s March, which encourages uplifting and supporting all feminine people’s and the family and friends that love them. Unfortunately, the Fresno Women’s March falls short of that ideal. We encourage those who participate in today’s event to be safe and enjoy themselves, but consider who is not there. Consider that no trans women were asked to speak until they were pushed to do so a months ago, and even then they only reached out to one out the five women suggested.

This is not how an inclusive event should be handled, and we are extremely disappointed by the lack of outreach done on the committee’s part. Trans-E-Motion will be following up with this and keep the community aware of what’s going on.

Never be afraid to make that “good kind of trouble”, as John Lewis says.

Robin McGehee was a speaker at the event.

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