Fresno Unified employees read statement in support of all students

During public comments, approximately 30 administrators, teachers and staff from Fresno Unified stood at the Fresno Unified School District board meeting, the following statement was read to the board:

Good Evening President Ashjian, Board Trustees, and Supt. Nelson

We are here tonight as site & central office leaders – united in standing for what’s most important inside and outside this Board room – our 74,000 students. 

We are one district and one community. We stand behind our goals and vision of success for each and every student we are honored to serve.

We believe in respect, inclusiveness, diversity of thought, joy and in the importance of leading our district with compassion and confidence.

We stand for adherence to Board meeting protocols.

We stand for treating all employees, community, and students at the Dias with dignity and respect.

We stand for the acceptance of all students and staff independent of their background, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, immigration status, socio-economic status, or disability.

We stand for students being at the heart of all behaviors, actions and decisions.

We stand for providing our schools with leadership, stability, and direction on a daily basis to keep student achievement as our primary focus.

Our children are counting on us for civility, inclusiveness and dedication of every moment to their well-being and continued progress.   

We love this district and give our hearts and souls because we believe in Fresno Unified – And we expect that our Board, our staff, and our community will continue to move the district forward in a positive, collaborative and respectful path on behalf of all our diverse students.

Ashjian later suggested that the employees’ statement was not made in connection to his recent remarks.

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