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Ashjian not my president

brooke ashjian 2Tonight I attended a Fresno Unified School District Board Meeting as a volunteer for LGBT Fresno. At one point I was handing out rainbow ribbons for LGBT supporters to wear and accepting donations for the organization. I was approached by a Mr. Chavez who said his attorneys said I wasn’t allowed to do that. Not knowing which side of the issue of, LGBT inclusion is sex education, he represented, I agreed to take my donation bin outside. I was disappointed because I missed the second half of Jason’s interview. When I came back in I found myself standing near Mr. Chavez and Brooke Ashjian talking to each other.

Early in the meeting I thought I saw Ashjian’s horns start to show. Lol! Just a little joke about Mormons that the their religious competition the born again Christians believe. Is that funny? No. Well neither are Ashjian’s false and derogatory comments about Gay Fresno, the organization I have been volunteering with for the past 7 years. Brooke Ashjian told the website rip off reports that Gay Fresno raped him and made him into a sex slave. Ricky Martin, Cher, Lady Gaga give me strength. The only person who spoke on Ashjian’s behalf was illogical, uneducated, and a liar, just like Ashjian himself. Ashjian has already been sued and lost a lawsuit against a construction company that he also made false remarks about.

Ashjian said that with the decline of religion they don’t get first crack at their children. Why don’t Mormons ever look within for why religion is declining instead of constantly creating the gay scapegoat. The lie perpetuated by Mormon and Catholic clergy is that homosexuals are child molestors. Actually religious people are getting first crack at children, hence the hellacious amount of money the Catholic church has had to pay their victims of child molestation. That was not caused by gay people who somehow made it into the priesthood.

Maybe the reason the Mormon religion is declining is because heterosexual people who are taught about having intercourse in school are considered the norm when they have premarital sex or do drugs/alcohol. If they enter their bishops office and decide to serve an lds mission they can. Homosexuals on the other hand are not allowed to have sex and serve missions or be members. Rampant hypocrisy is the fountain of dirty water that erodes the Mormon church. Why do they keep saying that they love us when they don’t accept us and are constantly judgemental towards us? Love does not judge. And love definitely does not force gay youth or adults into gay change therapy, a sadistic practice by the religious right that has included electroshocking their victims to death.

Please be legal and ethical and include LGBT people in sex education, so as someone else said, we don’t end up finding out about it from a stranger, we don’t put ourselves at risk for contracting HIV, and last but not least we don’t commit suicide because we feel shame about our sexuality.

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