An Open Letter to my Republican friends

Yes, I have Republican friends.

They are friends who stood with us for marriage equality, and stood against their party’s arcane position on that issue. Smart friends, good friends, folks I admire for their accomplishments in life. Friends with whom I’ve exchanged civil debates over multiple public policy issues. So here’s the thing:
Most of you were able to see through President George W. Bush’s testosterone- driven CheneyWars. You understood perfectly that we endured an eight-year presidency that sleep-walked through his¬tory, and you were circumspect about those Constitutional lapses. You know, the ones where Liberty “Law” School graduates took over the Department of Justice. Oy vey.

So here’s the current rub: why are you letting Donald Trump get over on you?

He’s punked you, big-time. He’s not what he says he is. He is not a real Republican — he’s a slick opportunist. Just like he’s a convenient Christian.
Usually, good friends, you’re able to candidly see through bullshit. You never resorted to racist undertones to denounce Pres. Obama’s policies. You stuck to solid fact and disagreed accordingly, with civil-ity and respect for the institutions that have made our government strong.
There is a lot of room for political dis-agreement among friends. Last year’s election provided multiple obstacles to that theory, but I’m glad to have friends who (mostly) ignored the obvious elephant in the room all summer and fall. I have a theory – that was possible mostly because nobody thought Donald Trump would really win. But, of course, he did, and the resulting brouhaha has ripped apart social media, friendships and the traditional media mindset.
For as long as American political parties have debated policy, friends of all beliefs have wandered through difficult discus¬sions. It even occurred within each politi¬cal party last year; some of it continues.
Pres. Trump’s tenure now produces stark challenges to FDPs (Friends of Different Parties):
• How do you justify blatant disregard for the media, even IF you think it’s biased?
• How do you reconcile the failure of a president to divulge his personal business re-lationships with Trump’s flat refusal to do so?
• Don’t you cringe when a President tweets at 3 a.m. about his predecessor’s mythical wiretapping?
• If you don’t cringe, why don’t you?

Barely two months into an administration, we are watching a President self-destruct. He’s a brand-new right-winger, so he fumbles basic policy issues. He thinks America is a boardroom, and he can fire anyone at any time.

This fundamental disconnect should concern you, friends, but it doesn’t.

Will you let me know when you’ve had enough? ‘Cause I want to bookmark that place in history – the exact event that pushed you over the edge.

For me, it was “pussy.”

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