when we rise

When We Rise

when we riseThere was a time when homosexuality wasn’t as well accepted as it is today. During the Stonewall Riots of 1969, and the turbulent civil rights movement in the 1970s, families of the LGBT community had to come together, and accept themselves, in order to fight for what was right.

“When We Rise” is an eight part mini-series that will air on ABC beginning February 27 through Friday March 3. This important series chronicles the history of the LBGT community, and activists within that community who paved the way for the rights and liberties the LGBT community enjoys today. The series follows the life of Cleve Jones, who was a large contributor to the AIDS quilt, and Ken Jones, who was a Vietnam veteran who addressed the issue of racial bias in the gay community. The series also follows the life of Roma Guy, who founded the San Francisco Women’s Building, and Diane, who worked as an HIV/AIDS nurse at the San Francisco General Hospital. The miniseries will take all who watch it, regardless of sexual orientation, through a journey of understanding of how the LGBT community struggled through the years, and inspire others to stand up against social injustices to make the world a better place.


Guy Pearce as Cleve Jones
Micheal K. Williams as Ken Jones
Mary-Louise Parker as Roma Guy
Rachel Griffins as Diane
Ivory Aquino as Cecilla Chung
Carrie Preston as Sally Gearhart
Rosie O’Donnell as Del Martin
Whoopi Goldburg as Pat Norman

Premieres February 27 at 9pm on ABC

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