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The LGBT community has made great strides forward in the last several years:  marriage equality, adoption rights, greater state and federal protections, and more widespread support and awareness for our transgender community.  All of this was achieved starting at a grassroots level through organizations such as ours, Gay Fresno.

We are a small, but mighty, team committed to providing the much needed support, resources, and awareness for the community, by the community. Gay Fresno is the premier and longest operating local LGBT news, resource, and information blog and website.  We have been serving the LGBT community of the Central Valley since January 2004.  In addition to keeping our community connected online, Gay Fresno was instrumental in the creation of the area’s first LGBT Center in 2011.  And in July 2016, Gay Fresno was proud to announce our status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.


You can have a direct and meaningful impact on this work.

If a mere 100 generous donors contributed $25 each, our expenses for the entire year would be covered and we would be able to launch a new program providing help and valuable referrals via text, phone, and social media to all members of our community. With your contribution, you can make this vision a reality.


 The first one hundred donors will be a part of the inaugural members of the Hopeful Hundred and will receive individual recognition on our website, in our communications, and at local events.

Now more than ever, your donation matters. The LGBT community and our allies need to join forces to ensure that we support each other and are able to provide access to vital resources and support. Let’s show Fresno what it means to build bridges not walls.


We are grateful, as always, for your commitment and contributions. We look forward to celebrating our Hopeful Hundred at the 2017 Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade & Festival.


Jason, and the Gay Fresno team

P.S. And if you’re shopping on Amazon, please visit and signup to direct a portion of your purchase to support our cause (we’re listed as LGBT Community Network).

P.P.S. If you cannot give financially, you make a difference by volunteering. Contact us to let us know about your interests and talents you can bring.


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