The Phoenix closes its doors

From their website:

But… Why?

We posted this to our Facebook page on March 29, 2016 after escrow had been opened to sell the bar.

“A little more than a year ago, Karl, one of the owners of The Phoenix, was crossing a street and was hit by a car. The impact broke his pelvis in multiple places and broke his collar bone. In the year that’s passed since then, we’ve been working out which duties we can split up based on his new limitations.

“We were reaching a new balance in this when his previously-diagnosed congestive heart failure (resulting in several previous heart attacks) got suddenly worse in late February 2016.

“Running a bar is simultaneously surprisingly difficult and ridiculously easy; sometimes for exactly the same reasons. Health takes precedence over business so The Phoenix is closing for good on April 23, 2016.

“There are several events already planned in April and they will continue as scheduled. Emperor XL’s beer bust on Saturday, April 2, the IDC Beer Bust on Friday, April 8, the Agents of O party on Saturday, April 16. (There may be an additional event added but stay tuned for that.)

“Join us for the next three and a half weeks. We’ll be having some cool things to give away (Need–or just want–an extra “Beers for Bears” T-Shirt? If you already have one, come get another while the supply lasts. Misplaced an anniversary shot glass? Come get a replacement while we still have plenty. Or, come get one of the misprinted ones.) )

“This is not the failure some predicted; we’re on track to have our 4th most profitable quarter ever by the end of this month; and mid-summer last year, we broke even on the investment to open a bar.

“It sounds cheezy (and it seems that every business that closes says something like this; but it makes more sense now) but thank you to everybody who helped make The Phoenix the success it has been. This is a great opportunity for Karl and Bryan to do the things they want to do together while they still can. (Yes. Really.)”

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