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Did Bernie ‘burn’ our community?

hrc bernieFeel the ‘Bern’ – 
You have heard the slogan by now. But I certainly wasn’t expecting much more from him, or any politician, in this cycle. I like being surprised – even if it’s by a Rachel Maddow podcast.

Did I hear Rachel ask “the Bern” — Bernie Sanders — what he thought about Hillary’s endorsement coming from Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood and NARAL? The Bern says he certainly would like their endorsement, and then mentions his list of endorsements, such as

Oh no, did the Bern intentionally or accidentally wandered into the Goose Fly Zone when he offered to Rachel that the groups endorsing Hillary were “mainstream?” I love you for it.

I have lived too long to hear a national politician label HRC for what I always thought it was, and only wanted to be: “mainstream.” Maybe that is okay for some, but for this old fowl I’d feel more comfortable with a “progressive” gay group, rather than the same old.

So the Bern seemed to burn HRC out, unless by the time this makes press, Bern hasn’t clarified his comment any further.

Soon after this news, a small item came to my attention about President Obama nominating the first gay Secretary of the Army. All fine and well, but when I heard the reportage, I thought it truly must be 1980. Why do journalists insist on saying “first openly gay” nominee? Somehow, I keep hoping progress might pick up the pace…

Article republished with permission from The Gay Word.

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