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Oh! How the tables have turned

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I remember the days when conservative religious groups loved their witch hunts. They would find people who were either gay or friendly to the LGBTQ community; then they would expose them, out them and ruin their lives. These groups toppled political figures, decimated careers and in some cases were the lead cause of suicide. It is my thought, shared by many others, that sometimes these groups were the reason that we were so slow in responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Now that the tide has turned and of course, these groups are crying foul.  A news article by the Portland Press Herald exposed seven major donors who tried to defeat marriage equality laws by donating to the National Organization for Marriage.  Chris Plante, a director for NOM says that “it is a tactic of same-sex marriage advocates across the country to try to chill the free speech… We find there is a particular effort to attack and force retribution against those who stand in the public square.”


This group and other groups that have spewed hate and contempt for years are now saying that they are being discriminated against.

Other than the irony that makes me giggle – I also feel great about the strides that our society is making in recognizing sexual orientation equality. We are not 100 percent there yet but we are moving in the right direction. This article written even 10 years ago would have been slanted completely different. 

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