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Murdered transgender victim’s name revealed in sign in sheet

TEM Sign inThe Fresno Police Department, would not confirm that “CASEY” aka Kenton Haggard was a part of the transgender community and often regards her disrespectfully as “A Man in a Dress”; that further insults and infuriates the Transgender community.

At first in looking over the unclear footage presented to the community for verification of identification; Trans-E-Motion wanted to provide concrete proof that “Casey” was in fact a member of the trans-community. In a long search, Trans-E-Motion has gone through archived records for concrete proof that Casey was in fact actively participating in our community as an authentic Transgender individual. Trans-E-Motion found a sign in sheet with “Kenton (Casey) Haggard” for one of our support groups.
**Attached you will find the sign in sheet described. We have blocked the other names for protection of our members. **

At this time we are asking The Fresno Police Department, ALL news media to acknowledge “Casey” Haggard by using female pronouns and addressing her in the proper respect she deserves under the current Death and Dignity Laws of California for Transgender individuals. Although her CA DMV license may not have reflected at the time, or any medical records which may exist. This could include having seen a therapist for being Trans, or pharmacy records for hormone therapy. These factors may not reflect now, Casey’s process; but there is that possibility that she was in the begining stages of the process, and given her life was cut short was not able to complete her goals.

The Board of Trans-E-Motion

Update: According to the interview by channel 21 with Trans-E-Motion after seeing the support group document which indicated that Casey was identifying a transgender, the Fresno Police Department said last night the death in dignity law will be respected from this point forward in the investigation of Casey Haggard and it is being investigated as a Hate Crime and for everyone to be on the lookout for a Gray or Silver 2002 to 2005 Saturn Vue SUV, with a large dent in the passenger side door. If you see a vehicle that fits this description, do not approach or confront anyone. Please contact the Fresno Police Department or call crime stoppers 559-498-STOP with the information as to the location of the vehicle. Please be careful, safe, and use good judgement.

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