Boy Scouts Inclusion

Boy Scouts of America – Inclusive at last?

Boy Scouts InclusionThe Boy Scouts of America, the country’s oldest youth organization, in a landmark decision voted to overturn their ban on gay troop leaders. Being a Scout myself until I was in my early teens; I was excited about this news. The Boy Scouts offer a fantastic opportunity for boys and young adults learn valuable life skills. And where else would I have learned to tie a Clove, Sheet Bend and a Taut-Line knot. 
This isn’t the first time that the BSA has overturned antiquated rules. In 1967 they opened up den leadership to men and women. In the 70’s they opened up other leadership posts to women as well. 
Even though, I commend the Scouts for doing the right thing or at least starting down the proverbial right path.  Don’t brush up your resume and think you are going to apply to just any troop. The BSA left in a slight loop hole. If the troop is sponsored by a religious organization then they can still enforce the old ban. 
Anyone who knows me, know I have an opinion on EVERYTHING. However, this is where I shake my head. Is the ban truly overturned or is it selective discrimination? 
Regardless, this is a great start. In 10 or 20 years all this will be a non-issue. Hopefully by then our more accepting, younger generation will have a better hold of our society, and will have implemented the necessary changes to live in a more equal world.

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