Franklin Graham Festioweal Nadziei

Homophobic bank needed, pronto!!!

Multi-millionaire, Franklin Graham, needs a homophobic bank. The bank can allow gay people to bank there but they [the bank] cannot promote the gay lifestyle. His last attempt to find such a bank failed miserably.

 Franklin Graham Festioweal Nadziei

Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, who inherited his father’s multi-million dollar religious empire — recently decided to take his money out of Wells Fargo. His reasoning: he didn’t want to bank at an institution that “publicly advocates through a national TV advertising campaign for [that kind] of lifestyle.” The ad that he is referring to is a national TV ad by Wells Fargo that features a lesbian couple desperately learning sign language so that they can adopt a deaf child. Graham went on to state at a conservative talk show that he was moving his money from Wells to a “good solid bank” called BB&T.


Here is the twist of irony (and karma). Graham, moves his money from Wells Fargo for being a lesbian loving bank to BB&T – not only a “L”esbian loving bank, but also a GBTQ loving bank.


Among the many philanthropic efforts benefiting the LGBTQ community, BB&T is also platinum sponsor for the Miami Gay Pride. They sponsor an organization called Legacy Couples in which they honor couples that have been together 10 years or more. Cynthia Williams, spokeswoman for BB&T, said publically, “Our mission is to help our clients achieve economic success and financial security regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity…”


BB&T scored an 80 in HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. This index that ranks businesses on their LGBTQ employee business practices.

This is where Graham needs your help my, LGBTQ, brothers and sisters. Where is he and his ilk going to put their money? There are over 197 banks and or their subsidiaries that have an 80 or higher HRC rating. AND if he is true to his word and wants to extinguish all things with a “gay” agenda he might need to start developing a new social media outlet. Facebook and Twitter are WAY to gay friendly and progressive for them. Then there are those computers that they must use to calculate their millions. The problem here is Microsoft has a 100 percent rating and Apple not only has a 100 percent rating it also has one of them gayzzzz running the company.  HOLY CRAP! What are they going to do about their cell phones that they all undoubtedly have — Well they can’t go with Verizon or any other major carrier; they too have a 100 percent rating. of course they could go to Virgin Mobile that has a 0 ranking. Oh, poor, poor Franklin, what is a homophobic ass supposed to do?


Maybe, just maybe he could practice what he preaches and understand that like Jesus they shouldn’t judge. Maybe, just maybe they should open their bibles — for the first time in many cases, and read the book of Matthew. Or better yet they could take an example from the lesbians in the Wells Fargo ad and learn compassion towards another human being that all she wanted was to be loved. I am sure that the deaf girl in the ad didn’t care if that love came from two moms, two dads, a single mom or dad, or a mom and dad.


FRANKLIN GRAHAM, you should be ashamed of yourself. Hopefully someday you will actually open that book that you supposedly preach from and learn about love, grace, and compassion instead of using it to amass millions. Oh and there is a story about that in that book too.  

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