Transgender attack in the Tower

An incident happened to begin at a restaraunt in the Tower District. The victim (a member of Trans-E-Motion and Pink Panthers Movement) was approached  by one of four men and sexually harassed. It quickly turned into a physical sexual assault and the victim disclosed to perp she is a transgender M to F. When the victim left she was heading to her car parked behind Tower Theater lot when she was attacked by the 5 men and beaten up. She suffers from 2 broken ribs, a broken bone in right hand along with cuts and bruises. The victim has several years self defense training and so she was able to fight back and two of the agressors are in the hospital with injuries and 3 ran off; however, the authorities know who the 3 are (thanks to the eye witnesses); and are searching for them. There has been a police report made and it has been put in to Hate Crime category.



We wish her a very speedy recovery.

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