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LGBT Youth Website Coming Back… Again… Hopefully

The Gay Youth CornerIt has been quite some time since I wrote a blog article, and seeing that certain *cough* other authors have beaten me to the Indiana ruling that found my home state’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional, I thought I ought to write something before Scott revokes my access to the blog. Nice to see you guys again!

So we all know that the LGBT movement would be nowhere near where it is today if it wasn’t for the advent of the Internet. Not only has the Internet decreased the ignorance in society surrounding LGBTs, such as the myth that only gays get AIDS, but it has also provided an outlet for LGBT individuals to express themselves and get support from people who are in the same situation. The Gay Youth Corner, or the GYC for short, was established for that very purpose.

The GYC was originally established quite some time ago. I discovered it when I was eleven years of age and first accepting the fact that I was gay. (That was five years ago) I left the GYC after religion (*collective groan*) had me convinced that such activities as conversing with other homosexuals would send me to straight Hell. (and, I was pretty sure I was too young for the site anyway) Fast Forward a few years. I had returned to the GYC to discover that the site’s features had been reduced to a few mere chatrooms. I couldn’t login with my original account. Not too long afterwards, the website was shut down with promises of a revamp… that was in 2012.

Now, two years after the first promise of a revamp, it looks like the GYC miiiiggght be returning… again… maybe… hopefully. They revamped their greeting page ( and posted a new profile picture on their Facebook page:

Posted June 21st, 2014

Previous members of the original GYC have been very frustrated with the stalled development of the GYC, mainly because most of them will be too old to join when (if?) the GYC reopens. However, one must imagine the large legal hurdles the owner of the GYC must make to ensure that the GYC is a safe site to use. One can only imagine how much illegal activity could take place on a website like the GYC, not only regarding pedophiles, but also other teenagers who might use the GYC for certain sexual advances. (Which is still illegal in many jurisdictions, from my knowledge) Also, as a fellow web developer, these things take a lot of work. Seriously, when I develop, it takes me at least two hours just to plan the initial layout of the website.

Only time will tell whether or not the GYC is released to the public. I really do hope it does, but it isn’t foolish to assume that the GYC might die like many other great web projects on the big hunk o’ wires we call the Internet.

My name is Prometheus. I am a closeted teenager, LGBT and Secularist activist. I live in the great (questionably) red state of Indiana. (a.k.a. Cornland) I am proud to be an LGBT person. Thank you for reading my article. Please comment and share with your friend!


a.k.a. Zion Moulder, Kendallville, Indiana

Oh God, I hope no one from my family comes across this!

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