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What My Transgender Child Taught Me About Motherhood

Alex x400 ADVOCATEAcross the country, mothers like me wait with bated breath to see what tokens of affection our partners and children endow us on Mother’s Day. When Mother’s Day arrives, we’ll kiss our spouses for their gifts of chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. We’ll thank our children for their construction paper cutout hearts and crayon-scribled love notes. We’ll glow in these hugs and kisses as we delay the naggings of our daily chores to enjoy the warmth of this day.

Since becoming a mother of two beautiful children, and as I think about my childhood celebrations for my own mom, I understand the joy Mother’s Day brings for so many. Its annual occurrence doesn’t make it feel less meaningful. It’s a feeling that — as other moms will say — is deepened by the responsibility that comes with caring for the life of another person.

This year, as I count the fortunes that give me so much to cherish, I think about how getting here wasn’t always clear or easy. As parents, we’re always challenged by the lessons our children teach us. But as a mom of a transgender child, our journey toward acceptance and understanding taught me more about motherhood than I could have ever known. For mothers like me, it’s this journey that inspires hope for the world my child lives in.

Authored By Tanya Shapiro – See the Full Story at The Advocate


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