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“Privacy” Is the Right’s Latest Talking Point Against Transgender Rights

transgender-flag ong -250x250With marriage equality at some point becoming the law of the land, and although conservative Christians and other social conservatives are aware that this is the case, they still rail against it even though the vigor is lost.

Time to change what social conservatives focus on in their culture wars. And, it’s trans people that they’re moving to. And, their new language in arguing against trans people isn’t just the “bathroom bill” meme; their relatively new talking point uses the term “privacy.”

The Privacy For All Students coalition which is still trying to get a recall of The School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266) states on their Web site “It’s an invasion of student privacy to open sensitive school facilities such as showers, restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex.”

Authored By Autumn Sandeen – See the Full Story at LGBT Weekly

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