I Have Had Enough

gaywedding-04I have had enough of people being able to say ridiculous things about the LGBT community and get away with it. Most recently it was the star of the Bachelor who called us perverts. He also said that there should never be a gay Bachelor. Really, gay men and women can get married in 18 states but they shouldn’t be able to be on a TV show to find love?

I have reached the fatigue point. Why does the LGBT community continue to let this happen without any reprisals? Sure we complain, just like I am complaining, but we continue to support the shows and stars who speak this drivel. Worse, we also support politicians who speak the same inane words.

Here is what the national Republican Platform says about LGBT people:

“Defending Marriage Against An Activist Judiciary … It is an assault on the foundations of our society …” Oh yeah, those judges who have given us the right to marry whom we love, they are assaulting the foundations of our society. Ridiculous.

Authored By Stampp Corbin – See the Full Story at LGBT Weekly


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