House Bill Would Insure Benefits for LGBT Veterans

minnesota-representative-tim-walz-250x250A Democratic Representative from Minnesota has introduced a bill in the house to protect benefits for LGBT veterans.

Dot429 reports:

House Representative Tim Walz has introduced the Protecting the Freedoms and Benefits for All Veterans Act, which could revolutionize the way LGBT veterans and their families are treated as well as the benefits they receive during and post-service. Currently, LGBT veterans are at risk of being denied survivor and spousal benefits, as well as flag burial honors. The new legislation would guarantee that all veterans and their spouses, regardless of state residence or sexual orientation, would be given equal treatment for equal service. “When someone puts their life on the line to protect our freedom at home, they deserve to enjoy the same freedom and earned benefits as anyone else who has done so, no matter who they love or where they reside,” Walz said.

Of course, a bill introduced by a democrat that has to do with LGBT issues likely doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in the current House of Representatives. But we’re thrilled he’s trying…

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