Catholic School Fires Gay Teacher for Getting Married

gay-teacher-firedA gay California teacher was apparently fired from his job at a Catholic School after the school learned of his marriage to his partner. reports:

Ken Bencomo, a teacher at St. Lucy’s Priory High School, an all-girls Catholic school in Glendora, California, was fired a week after news of his marriage to his longtime partner Christopher Persky was published in local papers, CBS Los Angeles reports: Patrick McGarrigle, the attorney, said the school only fired Bencomo for getting wed. “Their reasoning was that he had gotten married and it was in the papers. The school’s position was that it violated its teachings,” says McGarrigle.

Oh, how they scream and wail when someone resigns because of the outcry over his or her anti-gay views. But apparently outright firing someone for getting married to another man is ok.


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