Marriage Equality is All About Conversations

gaywedding-06My 6-year-old recently asked, “Daddy, did you know that boys can marry boys?” Shocked by his inquiry on such a serious topic, I answered, “Yes, son. As a matter of fact, I do know that boys can marry boys.”

“Do you know why?” he continued. “I suppose it’s because they love each other, like me and Mommy,” I answered. Sometimes it’s simpler to explain things to our children even though we, the adults, have difficulty understanding the very topics we’ve been asked to clarify.

In the recent past we have thought (wrongly) that women in the workplace would destroy marriage and families. We also thought that blacks in the military would weaken the fighting force, that interracial schools would degrade education, that a black president would ruin the country, that interracial marriage (between Adam and Eve) was an abomination. How many times do we need to be wrong about critical social issues before we really sit back and think about our positions? The wisdom of equal legal protection must not be reduced to the fear and hateful rhetoric of ignorance.

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