Senator Lindsay Graham Back on the “Outing” List

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, who’s long been suspected of being gay, is back on the radar. His recent objections to the repeal of DADT has once again brought his sexuality into the spotlight.

A rumor circulated last week stating that Mike Rogers at ( Mike Rogers @BlogActive )

intended on outing Graham. According to Roger’s statements, however, he not only never said he was outing Graham, but is offering a $250 reward to anyone who can find a place online where he actually said it (so he must not have said it). Rogers does admit though, to having photos of a man leaving Graham’s residence whom he claims was there to have sex with Graham. Rogers has sent a letter to Graham but as of yet there is no response.

Rumors about the senator’s private life have swirled for years, but Graham, who is unmarried, maintains that he is not gay. In one video blogger’s recording of a short interview with Graham, the senator was asked about his support for then-Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor; the interviewer asked obliquely about rumors regarding Graham’s own sexuality, but the senator re-focused the conversation on Sotomayor’s "temperament" and her overcall judicial record.

The interviewer attempted to broach the subject of Graham’s sexuality once more, saying, "I’m guessing after a long career in the military, you’re not going to dignify any of these rumors with any kind of response?"

Graham, looking unsure about what the interviewer is referencing, replied, "Right."


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