Fresno Skittles LGBTQ Softball Team

ImageImageGay Central Valley and Gay Fresno are happy to once again help sponsor The Fresno Skittles, a local LGBTQ softball team . The skittles play other teams locally at the Regional Sports Complex , located 1707 West Jensen , on Jensen just past West Avenue. Games are an hour in length, played weekly on Wednesdays.

Their current schedule is as follows: (all in field 4)

Sept 2 6:00PM – Sept 9 8:20PM – Sept 16 6:00PM – Sept 23 7:10PM – Sept 30 7:10PM – Oct 7 7:10PM – Oct 14 6:00PM – Oct 21 7:10PM – Oct 28 8:20PM – Nov 4 8:20PM

We encourage all to come to the games to show support for this local LGBTQ team. (Group photo courtesy Eva Falk)

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