Mixner Takes On Clinton’s Explanation of DADT

ImageDavid Mixner takes on Bill Clinton for his recent explanation of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. While I don’t entirely agree with him, he has a point. It’s interesting though, how he discounts the public and congressional support absent in the process of DADT, but for so many other issues, we’re constantly told to call and write our congress people. If Congress is so easily relegated to the background, then why is Congress always the issue when we want something passed?

I’m not happy about Clinton’s handling of the situation. Coupled with DOMA, those are the biggest blights on his Presidency, in my opinion. But I have to say this, at least he tried. at least he brought up an issue no one else ever would have. At least he got the debate going. I only wish that more gay activists would be as harsh (or harsher) on Christians as they are on politicians. That’s the real enemy, those bunch of mentally challenged fantasy buffs…

From Mixner’s blog…

President Bill Clinton still doesn’t get ‘it’. He never has gotten ‘it’.

The ‘it’ in question is the struggle for LGBT civil rights and full equality. He has always missed the essence of our fight for freedom. Otherwise he never, ever would have said what he said to Lane Hudson in Pittsburgh last week. As I watched his defense of DADT at the public forum, I almost had to ask the nurse for more blood pressure medicine I was so shocked at his response.

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