Hello everyone, this is Michael Gerald, Health Educator at PPMM, and I wanted to let everyone know that as of July 1st, 2009, PPMM Fulton Clinic in Fresno is now offering Transgender Healthcare Services. We accept most every insurance (including Blue Cross and Medi-Cal) and we are offering Male to Female (MtF) to Female to Male (FtM) hormone therapy (including anti-androgens).

There are three criteria to obtain these services at our clinic: must be 18 or older (we are currently working on a waiver for under 18); be able to give informed consent; and have either a referral from a psychotherapist (3 months of therapy or more) or 3 months of life experience as Transgender.

When clients call, they should tell the scheduler that they would like Transgender Services, this will allow the client to also give a preferred name and pronoun. When a person visits for Trans Services they will need to give a complete medical history, receive a physical exam, and undergo lab testing. All of these services are offered at our clinic, along with continued check ups with a clinician. If you have any questions about these services, please call 877-855-7526. They can also schedule an appointment at this number. Thank you.

Michael Gerald
Health Educator
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

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