Press Release from The Express

Lee Morris, co-owner of the Express nightclub, has released the following statement to explain their absence from the Fresno Pride Parade this year…

ImageThe Express formerly (Déjà vu) NO FLOAT IN PARADE reason

Rumors are abounding, and you know how that happens, when you don’t have the facts.

The reason the Express did not have a float in the parade this year is the Fact that Hertz/Penske Truck rental in Fresno did not have a replacement truck for us since the one we reserved broke down. We spent two days calling around the central Valley for a truck, and none were available.

Thus the Reason for our last minute drop from the Parade. We were not prepared to do anything else at last minute, our staff and many friends of the club worked on our float since Jan as we always do, sewing costumes, building props and gathering the supplies, all by the way is still in my living room and backyard.

We all were so disappointed that we could not b e there, but we will next year as we will have a plan B in place just in case. Even though the Express was not there with a Float we were there in Support and Spirit, and we will be a major sponsor of the Pride Parade in 2010, as we have been since we took over the old Express building in 2003,

Thank You for your support over these last

6 years and looking forward to many more

Lee Morris


Express Nightclub.

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