Not Surprised

Unfortunately I was not surprised to hear that the California Supreme Court decided the way that they did today. The 18 thousand gay people that got married during that small window last year gets to remain married, but no other same-sex couples can get married. The decision sucks and waiting for it sucked even more. The California Supreme Court could have at least let Maury Povich read the decision. “California’s gay and lesbian citizens, when it comes to the right to marry, you do NOT have the right!” Then some gay guy would run off the stage in tears while a lesbian punches a hole in the wall. At least it would have been entertaining for two seconds. There really is no way to soften a blow of injustice. Hallmark doesn’t sell a card that says “Sorry on your being screwed by the voters and the court that is set up to protect you!” And Save-Mart’s bakery doesn’t have a “Get well soon over the fact that you can’t get married” cake.

This whole same-sex marriage issue really shouldn’t be an issue. Gays and lesbians are taxpaying citizens and they deserve everything that other taxpaying citizens get. We cannot have different classes of citizens in this country or even the world. There is a very old document in this country that says “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” We know this document as something that Nicholas Cage stole in National Treasure, but it is actually something that this country used to believe in. Now it appears that you are only equal if you believe in what the majority of the people believe in.

I thought that we lived in a country that practiced representative democracy. We all know that if we voted on every single issue we will be living in an unreal country. I think that we can get rid of aids by forcing everyone to get tested and those that have it will be quarantined in one location until all of them die and that will be the end of aids. I think I should get the proposition on the ballot and scare enough people to vote for it. Of course I’ll use the slippery slope argument to get my point across like the supporters of proposition 8 did. Why stop at quarantining aids patients? Obese people are putting a strain on healthcare so let’s deny them healthcare until they become thin or die. This would save the country a lot of money on healthcare cost. I’m not stopping there! I’m tired of seeing ugly babies and since ugly parents have ugly kids we need to restrict ugly people from breeding! I certainly will be able to gather enough support for this proposition. This is all ridiculous because you simply do not take away the rights of a law abiding citizen.

You don’t vote on civil rights! Civil rights should be guaranteed to everyone. You vote on tax proposals and of course, for the politicians to represent you in a representative democracy. Our representatives are supposed to have the mind to think thoroughly and preserve the rights of everyone. The representatives in California have voted time and time again to recognize marriage rights of same-sex couples and unfortunately the representatives were vetoed. Obviously the political mind of the state of California knows how important of a civil right marriage is and that it needs to be extended to all citizens.

Throughout the course of debates on same-sex marriage it has always come out from the opponent’s side that they are fighting to preserve marriage. Marriage has been changed to outlaw polygamy, adult-child marriage and a host of other things. Marriage was also only allowed to be of people of the same ethnicity not so long ago. Under the preservation argument one can easily argue that we need to preserve individual races and ban marriage of people of different ethnic origins. The truth is, the more interracial heterosexual marriages, the more a certain race becomes diluted in this country and eventually extinct. Of course with this, my marriage would be banned and my two lovely biracial daughters wouldn’t be here. You preserve fruit (in mason jars for jams and jellies) you welcome a beautiful change in marriage. Gays and lesbians are simply asking to have their love included in the tradition of marriage. The true tradition of marriage is about love, starting a life with someone, having a deep connection and showing the community your commitment to the person you are with. Marriage is a beautiful thing and it takes strong people to enter into a marriage. These gays and lesbians that are fighting hard for their right to me are more than qualified and deserving to be married and I assure you that I will not shut up or rest until they are given their right to marry in this state.

California is a wonderful state and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. However, California does need to get back to its full glory. California is diverse and full of life. The people here are among the greatest people in the world. You would think that in a state as great as California that same-sex marriage wouldn’t even be an issue. California has offered hope to people in the United States of America during the Great Depression. It is a state that houses the most people and continues to grow. I do not want to see California as an intolerant selfish state where only some of its citizens have full rights. We need to keep California as the great state that it is and we need to give full rights to everyone.

If our representatives aren’t going to step in and change things, we need to keep putting this issue on the ballot and get better organized to get it passed in our favor. Of course the other side will get it on the ballot after that and we will have a tug of war. When will it end? Well it shouldn’t have started since the right to marry belongs to everyone.



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