February Entertainment Reviews by Leon

ImageAdam & Steve  Rated: R  Written & Directed: Craig Chester

Starring: Craig Chester – Malcom Gets – Parker Posey – Chris Kattan

Reviewed By: Leon Velasco – Rating: 2 Thumbs up

I had the privilege of reading the book before seeing the movie. Both are funny and romantic. The movie followed right along as the book. All the characters played their parts as humorous and effective as the book. It makes for a great date movie for those cold, wet nights in. I love the fact that it shows that although we have different views of each other all can come out best if love, trust and hope are their to accompany any given situation.


Raucously funny and sweetly romantic, Adam & Steve is a twisted, tender comedy that would surely make “John Waters cackle with glee” (L.A. Weekly).

In the 1980’s, Adam (Craig Chester, Kiss me Guido-Grief-Swoon) and Steve (Malcolm Gets-TV’s “Caroline in the City”) had a horrifically embarrassing one-night stand. When they meet again years later, they fail to recognize each other, and fall in love- as do their wisecracking best friends (Parker Posey, Superman Returns, Best in Show; and Chris Kattan, TV’s “Saturday Night Live”). Honest, irreverent and a whole lot of fun, Adam & Steve is all about making love work—whatever the odds.  

“Kooky, endearing and sexier than your average straight romance, Adam & Steve is the gay Sleepless in Seattle


“Laugh-out-loud absurdity”—Out Magazine

“Charming and funny!”—New York Post


His record is about to come out.

Too bad he can’t.

A Novel

Author: Stewart Lewis

Review By: Leon Velasco

Rating: Two Thumbs Up

This book has many secrets and delicious drama. I’m certain that everyone thinks that rock stars have no cares in the world. In this tell all no holds barred novel, sheds light on what can be scandalous. The troubles of “The BIZ” and the troubles of finding love in a world that sees you differently than what you really are. Just when you think nothing else can top the chapter before; here comes another mountain of trouble.  It kind of makes you think twice about what you wish for when it comes to being a celebrity, and makes you glad than your worries weren’t of as great a magnitude.

Jackson Poole is poised to become the hottest pop star to hit the music scene in years. His record company is banking on his talent, his ambition, and his pretty boy good looks to drive CD sales to the top of the Billboard charts. But to achieve fame beyond his wildest dreams,
Jackson has to sacrifice one thing: his true self.
Jackson is gay. And his “Handlers” insist on keeping that little fact, well, in the closet. But as
Jackson’s star starts to rise, keeping the truth about his sexuality from the tabloids becomes an ever-increasing challenge. And frankly,
Jackson is getting tired of hiding behind his fabricated façade and fears losing the one thing that counts most: the love of his life. With stunning authenticity, ROCKSTARLET takes readers deep inside the music industry, and spills the sometimes shameful secrets behind success. Stewart Lewis has written a funny, wise, and telling cautionary tale of fame and its ultimate cost.

“A sexy, dishy tale.”—Tom Dolby, Author of The trouble Boy

“A great read.”—Kate Clinton, Humorist, Author of What the L?

“Deliciously fun-filled…this book rocks!”—Melissa De La Cruz, Author of The Fashionista Files



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