It is time for a change

So, I was wondering, where was everyone on the 20th?  You know the DOMA protest on January 20th?  I get that some people had to work, but come on, everyone?  There were only about 25-30 people there and it was a very disheartening.  It’s hard to be united against inequality, when so few show up? 

So, in the interest of uniting and not dividing, let’s concentrate on the solution and not the blame, okay? 

What would make you show up, what would make you feel a need to stand up against those that would tear you down?  What would give you the drive to make your voice heard in this town, one that wants you to remain quiet?  What would make you feel the pride in knowing that you do deserve the rights they’ve taken away, and to demand them back?  Tell me what’s going to do it for you, what do when you are pushed?  

This is not an easy town to be gay in.  I get it.  But, when you don’t show up to claim what is yours, then they have an easier time pretending you don’t really want it.  And when you don’t fight back when they steal away your rights, you only help them leave the door open to take away more…and then even more…and so on.  Your inaction is all that is needed to complete this injustice, it is what they want.  However, your action, your voice, is what will stop it.

The next events where people are going to be needed are as listed.

Fogg, Maxwell & Lanier EyeCare
of Fresno (1360 E. Herndon, Fresno), on January 30th from 1-4pm. The will be a protest of sorts, there will be a picket line, and information will be handed out. The last time we went out there they had heard that we were coming and shut down the whole building. Hired two security guards to walk around, and did not reschedule some of the appointments. So we are going back, we have a goal and it will be accomplished. If you would like more info email
On January 31st there will be a Town Hall meeting, held at Wesley United Methodist Church (1343 E Barstow Ave, Fresno), from 12-3pm.  We will be discussing a plan of action to try and change things in the community and beyond.  It is not too late to get involved!  Bring your ideas, your voice, anything you want to discuss, but most of all bring yourselves. 
The next Nationwide event that will be taking place is happening on February 12, now this one is so majorly important because of the passing of prop 8 just 2 months ago, this will MAKE an impact. It will be held at 12 noon at Fresno County Clerk’s Office (2221 Kern Street, Fresno), we will be meeting outside at 12 on the dot to go inside and ask for marriage licenses. Now when they say “NO” we are not going to be leaving. For more information on this, contact We need to show that equality is worth something to us, we are willing to fight for it, and we want it.

So, will I see you there?

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