“Milk” The Movie

ImageGus Van Sant’s latest film, "Milk", the story of Harvey Milk, a revolutionary gay politician murdered in San Francisco is slated to open in Fresno on December 5th. Here are some interesting links surrounding the film and it’s subject…

The New York Times ran a piece on how Gay Rights groups plan to use "Milk" as piece in the ongoing movement. NYT – Activists Seek To Tie "Milk" To Campaign For Gay Rights

The following link has access to several clips from the film… Watch Clips From "Milk"

Here you can find background on Harvey Milk as well as other resources…NYT – Harvey Milk Resources

A group has been formed calling for a boycott of Cinemark theaters, which will be showing "Milk". The CEO of this company donated almost $10,000 to the Yes On 8 Campaign. Click on the following link…  No Milk For Cinemark

Related: Hundreds Protest Theater’s Support Of Prop 8

Maureen Dowd has a conversation with Senator Dianne Feinstein about Harvey Milk and the new film. Senator Feinstein was on the Board Of Supervisors with Harvey Milk, and she is the one who found his body after the shooting.  Maureen Dowd – Marriage On The Rocks

Tanene Allison writes on Huffington Post about her experience watching the film and the implications for the LGBT movement…Tanene Allison – MILK – Hope On The Screen And In The Streets

Matt Budd writes on Huffington Post about the new film as well as our current movement for marriage rights. At the bottom of this piece is a fascinating short film by Jenni Olsen, shot on the set of the film and using an audio recording of Harvey Milk himself as the narrative…Matt Budd – "Milk" – We Need Him Now More Than Ever

Click here for the official website for the film…Focus Features Official "Milk" Website

The Fresno LGBTQ Social Group is gathering people to meet and watch the film on Friday, December 12th at Edwards Stadium 21 Theaters. Click HERE for information…or call 559-862-4559. "His life changed history. His courage changed lives. Let’s get a HUGE turnout to opening night! Be sure to forward this event along to friends. The theatre has not released the times yet, so keep your evening free and we’ll post more details and email it out ASAP."   

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