Republicans Continue A Campaign of Lies and Fear

ImageRepublican Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews on Friday to spew some of the most frightening political hate speech I’ve heard in some time, calling for journalists to investigate liberals in congress to find out who is “anti American”. She also launched another insane filled bag of rhetoric toward Obama, ignoring all the facts once again, instead choosing to use her platform to incite fear in voters. You can watch the video of that appearance here:  Michele Bachmann on Hardball

There is now a campaign and petition with the goal of censuring Bachmann. For decades conservatives have slandered any American who speaks out against the government as un-patriotic and anti-American. This has to stop. You can view the petition and sign it here:  Censure Michele Bachmann

And once again, just when I think Republicans can’t sink any lower, they go even further. McCain is using Robocalling, computerized mass phone calling, to frighten voters into thinking Obama is closely associating with terrorists and is a danger if elected. Watch this non-maverick on Fox News defend the very thing he promised he would never do here: McCain Defends Robocalling on Fox News Sunday  And the thing that shocked me the most is this story of an Ohio man who hung a ghost from a noose in the tree in his front yard with Obama’s name on it, upside down. Watch it here: Ohio "Lynching" of Obama

Tomorrow, October 20th is the last day to register to vote in this election. Get more information HERE . If you are already registered, please make time to vote on November 4th. The Republican party has to be stopped.

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