More Celebs Beef Up the No On 8 Campaign

As November 4th approaches, fighters against Prop 8 worry after finding out Yes on 8 is ahead in the polls. Following Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg, more and more celebrities are speaking out against Prop 8 with their wallets. Click Read More to see a list of celebs to recently donate to Prop 8…



called an emergency meeting after finding out that No on Prop 8 is behind in the polls, and that supporters of the Proposition are dishing out more cash than we are! In response to the polling results, an
Ohio entrepreneur, Jonathan Lewis, challenged

to raise $500,000 for No on Prop 8. He and his family will match ever dollar donated from now on. Here are a list of celebrities who have responded so far:


T.R Knight (of Grey’s Anatomy) donated a total of $100,000.


The band Fall Out Boy gave $50,000.


Financial Wiz Suze Orman threw down $10,000.


E! Talk Show host Ms. Chelsea Handler donated $5,000 to the cause.


Just in: Steve Bing (a richie rich film producer) just donated $500,000 to No on Prop 8!! 


Click here to donate today!


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