LGBTQ Movie Night

What is  better than a Gay Fresno Movie Night? …….. A *FREE* Gay Fresno Movie Night!!!! Our first ever Gay Fresno Movie Night was HOT HOT HOT and more HOT. We showed the very vibrant film "But I’m A Cheerleader!" It was all laughs and pom poms all night. If some of you have not seen this movie, Gay Fresno recommends you see it ASAP. It is a completely hilarious film about how to "cure" homosexuality. It is about a serious situation, but is very humorous and light hearted. Which is a great change from what we normally see about the so called "curing" of homosexuality.

We even had our own personal Cheerleader, who will not be named. She is a cheerleader only when the film is shown. Don’t worry Kat, your secret is safe with us.


The decor was outstanding thanks to our wonderful volunteer Leah Parra. She created "picket" signs, had army men on the tables, walls of "Womens" cleaning supplies, and "Mens" gear such as saws, wrenches, etc. There were pink and blue balloons scattered around, along with hilarious quotes from the film.


So that everyone knows Leah is new to Gay Fresno and is our most CREATIVE volunteer. If you have any ideas or questions for upcoming events, please feel free to contact her at or Jason at

Hope to see you at the next event!!! Thank you all for coming.


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