What’s Your Problem? Episode #17

Image "What’s Your Problem" Episode 17 "Photos, Friends & Pheromones: Part II" picks up where we left off as I hang out with my guests – my best boy buddy and co-creator of our current project in development, Slate&Kelly (www.myspace.com/slateandkelly), John W. McLaughlin and artist & photographer Kerry Krenzin. In part II, we get to a letter from W.Y.P viewer "hoops", who has questions about how to navigate dating when you bring mental illness and physical scars to the table. Kerry, John and I discuss this issue while Lucia takes a breather to deal with a tummy ache in the other room… (bad cheese I think…).  When we decide to share our scars with the viewers I drop trou, and despite my on camera decision to edit it out… it somehow makes the final cut anyway. While the issues addressed this time around are certainly nothing to laugh about, my guests and I still find the way to our senses of humor – come along for the ride with us….The episode posts tonight, July 10th, at The Smoking Cocktail

Enjoy! Cathy


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