Kern County Clerk Defies Same Sex Marriage Ruling

Image More lines are being drawn in the battle for legal same sex marriage in California. Now, county clerk’s and others are doing all they can to block access to marriages for same sex couples.

In what has become a national news story, making an appearance on The Today Show, Kern County Auditor-Controller-County Clerk Ann Barnett has created a controversy with her announcement that her office in Bakersfield, California will cease performing any marriages, heterosexual or homosexual, as of June 13th, 2007, just before the implementation of legal, same sex marriages takes effect.

In emails, it’s indicated that the office requested support from the Alliance Defense Fund in regards to the original cut off time of 5pm on June 16th, just before same sex marriage becomes legal. Barnett, who was elected in 2006, is not required by law to perform marriage ceremonies, only to administer marriage certificates; however her offices have been performing marriages until the announcement of the legalization of same sex marriage. Barnett’s personal emails have been obtained, as well as others involved, shedding some light on the controversial move. The latest news, as of Monday night, is that an Anti Same Sex Marriage Meeting will be held in Kern County tomorrow, Tuesday, in support of denying same sex couples marriage at the County Clerk’s Office, and it promises to go further, with groups now stating they want to deny the Supreme Court Ruling completely…

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Kern County High School District Trustee Ken Mettler appeared on
Channel 17 at 5pm (6/09/08) to encourage his followers to appear at the County Supervisor Board meeting on June 10.  Here is a YouTube clip:

Anti Same Sex Marriage Meeting Planned (Video) 

Channel 23 reports that Kern County High School District Trustee Ken Mettler has sent out requests to all his supporters to pack the meeting to demand that NO civil marriage licenses even be ISSUED to same gender couples. Watch it all on YouTube…

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