KOM Beer Bash

ImageMay 30, @ 9:00 pm, the Knights of Malta had a Beer Bash along with a Memorial Day/Gay Pride 2008-09 show at 10:15pm. The Knights of Malta had hosted a great show. The producers of the show were Ms. Lisa Marie LeGrand and Ms. Paris Nicole. A little before the event, Ms. Lisa had called me to join her for the event in a performance. We both settled on a duet by "England’s Fabulous Fag", Elton John and Kiki Dee; Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. I was very thrilled and honored and couldn’t wait for show time. Photos By Kirk – Newslink

The show started and thanks to a few outstanding performers, it was well worth the price of beer. One performer in particular, Ms. Tannia who performed as Tina Turner practically brought down the house with all the cheering, applauses and whistling. Another outstanding performer is Ms. Trixie Delight, who wowed the audience with her gymnastics. (Girl! at your age, do you need to borrow my Aspercream for your back, Icy/Hot for your aches and pains?)


They also had many raffle prizes to which people were buying the "Knights of Malta Special" which is from the inseam to the floor. As I stood watching the seller of the tickets I was very intruiged buy his personal attention to every buyer to account for every ticket’s inch on the way down. (Is it hot in here or was it just me?) 



Of all the contestants, the top three winners are given the opportunity to perform for this years Pride Event.


The 2008-2009 Knights of Malta Memorial Day Gay Pride winners are 1st place Ariel, 2nd place Estrella, 3rd place Tannia


Ms. Lisa Would like to again thank those who participated in it’s success; MC ms. Trixie Delight, D.J. Johnny O., the Judges Rene, Greg Lucas, Larry Laird, Rick Adamsen 


By the way Mrs. Carol Rene Lozano aka Rene LeGrand wanted everyone to know Ms. Lisa Marie LeGrand just turned the BIG 40 on May 29th. (You gettin’ old Biatch! You gotta wash that grey right outta your hair! j/k loves and smooches dear drag sister.) She got 40 wacks from a leather belt was moaning and wanted more!!!! (again j/k) She couldn’t sit for quite awhile, (which to her is nothing new). She says," It hurt more to sit down than it did to stand in those heels for hours".

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