What’s Your Problem Episodes 14 & 15

Image In "What’s Your Problem" Episode #14, "Up On The Roof" I hung out with actress, Jill Bennett.  Among other things such as sexuality vs. religion – we, talked about the anonymity of the internet and the pros of cons of being a part of an internet community.  For part of the vlog, we hung out with 8 AfterEllen viewers from all over the world who offer their thoughts on internet "trolling" and how they deal with it in their internet communities. In "What’s Your Problem" Episode #15 , "Up On The Roof: Part II" is a sequel to last week’s episode where actress, Jill Bennett and I spent time on an LA roof top with 8 girls from out of town who had all met and become friends via the internet. This week, we hear more from the girls about dating, coming out, and the stories behind how they chose their AfterEllen.com user names. Oh…and I rifle through Charlie’ wallet… just ’cause…

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