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Image Parting Glances
Rated NR / Written & Directed by Bill Sherwood
Starring Richard Ganoung/John Bolger/Steve Buscemi/Kathy Kinney

Review by Leon Velasco  Rating: Eh, So-So

I was hoping when I watched this movie that I would see more of Steve Buscemi (Armageddon, Big Daddy), but that wasn’t the case. I was surprised how ever to see Kathy Kinney (Drew Carey Show) in her thinner years. I watched this movie twice, the first time I kept getting interrupted and the second time I kept dozing off. If your in the mood for having some background noise while taking a nap, this movie will do the job. It was ok, but it could have used something, it was flatter than a 12 year old girl’s chest. It stuck to the storyline but it just seemed to drag and the ending sucked with a capital “D” for disappointment. This movie was made in 1991 Amidst AIDS scenario and received high reviews from major periodicals.

Partings are never easy. But picture this: Michael (Richard Ganoung) is editing an S&M sci fi novel he can’t stand, his friend and former lover Nick (Steve Buscemi) is dying of AIDS and his current lover Robert (John Bolger) is about to leave for two years in Africa. And there begins a surprisingly funny, wonderfully acted love story set in the gay scene of Manhattan. Parting Glances is about the loyalties of friendship and the vicissitudes of romantic love. It’s about the relationship between gays and straights. And it’s about how we all try to do our jobs, be there for our friends and keep a love affair going-all at the same time. It’s a real life 48 hours in New York City, with people you’re happy to have met.

“The best movie ever made about gays in the United States…You can ‘t help wondering why most films can’t move this well or look this good.” –Seattle Times

“Passionate.” –New York Times

Parting Glances is a pioneering work in Gay cinema and a model for such films as My Beautiful Launderette and Longtime Companion.


ImageAlex In Wonderland
A Novel
Author Michel LaCroix
Review by Leon Velasco
Rating: Thumbs Up

I was very impressed with this book. It was easy to follow this novel that was set in New Orleans during Mardi Gra. This was a page turner and hard to put down. The details were so descriptive. This story of lies and deceit, having to bare the weight of either living a lie or risking everything to be who you are. The unknowing of whom you can trust not to betray you.

Meet Alex—a good –looking gay rich kid from New Orleans who has some hard lessons to learn.

Twenty-six, Handsome, rich, gay…and running away from New Orleans to escape an arranged marriage to a woman! So begins the journey of a young Alex in this sexy, funny, fast –paced adventure yarn.

Life is no fairytale for Alex. He’s the closeted son of a wealthy, powerful oil tycoon who is marrying him off to another tycoon’s daughter for the mere purpose of building a bigger empire. So Alex heads to Key West, hitchhiking half naked on the Florida highway. It’s two thumbs up for big, strong and burly Cord, a man he meets on the way—and falls for fast. Now the two of them are on the run, because Alex’s father has sent a bounty hunter after him! But, with the help of a drag queen named Jolie, Alex realizes he must face his problems, so it’s back to New Orleans. And this time, he plans to party it up out on the streets with all the muscle boys. But first, he has an arranged marriage to sabotage.

“A sizzling mix of fast—paced storytelling and lyrical sexuality.” –Durrell Owens, Author of The Song of a Manchild

“Tennessee Williams meets Jackie Collins with a dash of Truman Capote…”—Michael D. Craig, Author of The Ice Sculptures: A Novel of Hollywood

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