Dario Interview – Fresno Pride Performance Headliner

ImageImageThe headline performer at the Fresno Pride Parade & Festival this year is Dario. Dario is currently out on tour and will perform here in Fresno on Saturday, June 7th at the Pride Festival. I recently had the opportunity to interview Dario about his career and his stop in Fresno. Click on READ MORE for the full interview, a brief biography, and current photos. (click on the images to enlarge)

Dario’s first “big break” came while performing at the “Search for Stardom Convention.” He’s also participated on top rated shows such as The WB’s “Popstars 2,” the second season of the wildly successful TV program, “American Idol” on Fox, and enjoyed the opportunity of performing a comedy skit on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Because of his talent and unique experiences in music, he was interviewed by “Access Hollywood” about his impressions of the modern music industry. Dario’s latest CD, Dedicated can be found at Amazon and at ITunes. Dario’s official website is located at http://www.darioonline.com and his My Space page can be found at http://www.myspace.com/dariofans


Chris Jarvis: Who influenced you the most musically? 

Dario: My Mom, I remember her singing all the time. No matter

what she was doing, she was singing.


CJ: What genre of music are you most passionate about? 

D: R&B, There is something about Rhythm and Blues that

just touches your soul in the right place. It even

tugs at your heart strings and makes you feel things

you haven’t felt in awhile.


CJ: Where and when are you celebrating gay pride this


D: With you guys! Fresno is my first actual performance

date and I cant wait!


CJ: Have you performed in Fresno before?

D: No, this is actually my first time but I am very

excited and I look forward to meeting all of you.




CJ: How did it happen that were asked to perform at Fresno


D: I released my album "Dedicated" on December 4th 2007,

and I’ve went on a small promo tour and a press tour

to promote the record. While I was doing this we

noticed that my CD sales were coming from mostly a gay

demographic (good looking out.) Long story short most

of the gay pride events started calling and my

promotion team said I had a chance to do Fresno and I

said yes. I want to visit cities I haven’t been to.


CJ: How is the tour going?

D: The press tour which I’m on right now is going great!

Everyone is so nice and they are loving the record.

The performance tour which starts on June 7th with you

guys in Fresno, I’m really excited about. I hope

everyone comes out and checks out the show.


CJ: In the current climate, where it seems there are

reality shows and talent competitions everywhere, what

do you think is the best way for a young unknown to

break in?

D: I think that if you really want something, you can

achieve it if you believe in yourself. Talent

competitions and reality shows do help, but

determination and perseverance can take you so much

further than you can possibly imagine.


CJ: Having done some television appearances, are you

interested in other media besides music? (TV, Movies,


D: Right now I want to focus on my music, especially

since I’ve already started with ideas for the next

album. With that being said I just finished a movie

which comes out later this year – a documentary

about the music business called "Welcome to the

Machine." Anything else I guess I’ll just have to wait

for the right opportunity.


CJ: Given that the music industry is struggling with CD

sales now, due to the internet, how do you utilize the

internet to connect with your fans and promote your


D: Myspace, itunes and GayFresno.com! I actually do read

and try to answer all my fan mail on myspace, go ahead

and add me myspace.com/dariofans. I even write blogs

when I get a chance, to let everyone know how I’m

doing. Itunes has been so great, the album is selling

and people are really enjoying it. Then there’s you

guys, I am very humbled that you even want to do a

feature on me. Thank you so much.




CJ: You were on American Idol, is Simon Cowell as evil as

he seems to be?

D: No not really, he just says what others are afraid to

say. He just sounds mean while he’s doing it.


CJ: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

D: Production wise, I would love to do some songs with

Rich Harrison and Pharell Williams. I love them both,

I think there sound is so original and intoxicating.


Gay Fresno thanks Dario for the interview and we look forward to his performance at Fresno Pride on Saturday, June 7th.

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