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Image Big Eden
Big Eden – TLA Video

Rated PG-13 / Director Thomas Bezucha / Starring Arye Gross / Eric Schweig

This movie is one of my favorites. It is great for those times when you feel lonesome and that you’ll never find love. This is one of those films that show that no matter what love will find you when and where you least expect it. I can watch this movie over and over and over and still give me that feeling of hope and happiness it did when I first saw it.

“Irresistible…terrific performances” Kevin Thomas — Los Angeles Times

“The BEST date movie around!” Joe Leydon — San Francisco Examiner

This film has one many Film Festival Awards.

Big Eden is a tiny town tucked away in the timberland of Northwestern Montana, where cowboys lounge on the porch of the general store to pass the time away. It’s also the childhood home of Henry Hart (Ayre Gross), a successful but lonely New York artist, who returns after years away to care for his ailing grandfather.

Big Eden is a uniquely American fable about home and family. It hits upon the universal longing and hope we each have for finding a place where we are loved and the unconditional desire to see those we love find happiness.

Image My Side of the Story
My Side Of The Story (Paperback) – Amazon

Author: Will Davis / Review by Leon Velasco / Rating Thumbs Up

This hard cover book is a novel of 243 pages. The author was born and lives in London in 1980.

My Side of the Story is witty, incredibly funny and is the perfect rendered portrait of a precious, troubled teenager faced with the awkward process of growing up.

Jarold, a.k.a. Jazz, is a typical sixteen-year-old boy. He lives at home with his two remarkably undivorced parents, his holier-than-thou sister and eccentric grandmother. It’s a life straight out of a TV show. or so it seems. The trut his that Jazz’s life is anything but picture perfect. He’s seeing a shrink because his mom and dad found out he’s gay; his schoolmates torment him every day; and he keeps bumping into his high school teacher at a local gay bar. To make matters worse, his best friend, Al, keeps pulling him into trouble. Jazz knows he has to keep everything together, at least through finals, so he can get away from this life once and for all. But, in his haste to leave everything behind, he comes to find out that the only thing he can’t escape is…….Himself. 

“A snipping, witty rant à la Holden Caulfield.” —Kirkus Reviews

“My Side of the Story is the best coming of age novel I’ve read in a long time. It’s funny, cheeky, smart and sweet, sly page turner.” —Bart Yates, author of Leave Myself Behind                                                            and The Brothers Bishop

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