Fresno Bee Letters On Marriage Equality

Image Here are some recent letters to the editor of the Fresno Bee regarding the topic of marriage equality, which also deal with Christians and the bible, just as Exodus International winds down their first International gay conversion conference in our city…

Fresno Bee – Question Of Absolutes

Fresno Bee – Tolerance For All

Fresno Bee – The True Hypocrites 

Question of absolutes

04/01/08 22:12:19

Rick Hodgson says that the issue of gay (marriage) rights is "not debatable," and that if you disagree, you are "bigoted" and "hateful." Well, I do disagree and disagreeing in a free society is what freedom is all about, with or without name-calling.

I wonder why Mr. Hodgson is so adamant about not adhering to the Bible’s authority to declare absolutes, but has no problem declaring his own.

Tim Spangler


‘Tolerance for all’

04/05/08 09:38:59

Regarding Tim Spangler’s response [letter April 2] to Rick Hodgson’s letter [March 22] on gay rights: Let’s remember that we all have rights, even if they are not our personal beliefs.

Freedom is what gives us those rights. If one wants to adhere to the beliefs of the Bible, it is his or her right, just as it’s someone’s right to not adhere to the Bible. Mr. Spangler writes that "disagreement in an free society is what freedom is all about" and that statement is correct, except he should let Mr. Hodgson live in the freedom Mr. Spangler has without judgment.

We all need to remember that this country was founded on a different belief: Tolerance for all is what will keep us free!

D. Brian Bobbitt


‘The true hypocrites’

04/05/08 09:38:14

Tim Spangler [letter April 2] is a perfect example of an American who doesn’t support American principles. He suggests those who don’t adhere to the Bible as absolute while declaring civil rights absolute are hypocrites. Mr. Spangler, and all Americans like him, are the true hypocrites.

No one, including Rick Hodgson [letter March 22], is suggesting Mr. Spangler should not be allowed to disagree with gay marriage. It’s just that no one, including Mr. Spangler, should be allowed to legislate against marriage equality based on a belief in a particular mythology. Last time I checked, while you’re free in America to believe any fantasy you wish, you’re not free to restrict the civil rights of others based on it.

Religious freedom in America is first of all, freedom for all religions, not just Christians, and second, not applicable in the allocation of civil rights. This is not a church, this is a country. We cannot allow ourselves to be governed by mythology over truth, reason, fairness and equality.

Once gay people are granted our equal civil rights, I personally grant Mr. Spangler and all others permission to denounce us all they like.

Chris Jarvis



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