(Slightly Gay) Celebrity Dirt

Image Celebrity news seems a little more gay today…First, check out these pictures of Sean Penn as Harvey Milk and James Franco as his lover during filming on Castro Street in San Francisco Pics From The Set Of "Milk" on Castro Street … And it seems Britney’s manager isn’t the nicest guy in the world Britney Drugged By Manager … See if you can avert your eyes from Christina Aguilera’s Post Baby Rack … It seems Suzanne Sugarbaker has a “hoarding” problem so Delta Burke Checks Into Psychiatric Ward … while Lance Armstrong Throws Hissy Fit at a bar in a piece with enough gay innuendo in the writing to qualify it as a gay story… there’s a challenge aboard a cruise ship which leads to John Mayer’s Borat Moment … to give wacko Tom Cruise a break there’s Kirstie Alley – Scientology Insanity … and if you haven’t seen it yet, rush over to this video link where Sarah Silverman & Matt Damon Are F**king (Video) 

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